Using the MMTCam Observation Submission Tool (MOST)

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Fill in the data fields to identify your MMTCam observing targets. You can cut and paste from another catalog into the data fields as needed. Most of the data fields will immediately let you know if the wrong kind of characters are entered (for example, letters in fields which require numbers.)

Click "Submit" for each target to send the information to CfA. You will get a popup error message if any of the data is invalid.

Once you click "Submit", your submission will be sent to the Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge for checking. If all goes well, a MMT-format observing catalog will be created for your targets and sent to the MMT when your plan is checked at CfA. You do not need to create your own MMT observing catalog(s) for MMTCam observations.

About the data fields:

All the data fields must be filled in.

NOTE:You can specify multiple filters and the corresponding exposure times and number of exposures for a target by separating the values by exactly one space in those fields. For convenience, if you enter a single value for nexp and/or exptime when you have multiple filters, that value will be applied to all the filters.